Choose Health Nutrition - Nutrition Counseling and Consulting in South Carolina
Our Services
Our basic services are listed below. We are available in home or via skype. Contact us for a pricing sheet. Currently we do not accept insurance but we can provide a super bill for you to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement. We can accept paypal. 
  1. Initial Consultation ~ $150.00
    An in depth 60 minute session discovering your nutrition needs, plus 1 15 minute follow up phone call or skype session.
  2. Initial Package 1 ~$450.00
    Our in depth initial consultation and 3, 45 minute follow-up sessions.
  3. Initial Package 2 ~$800.00
    Our in depth initial consultation and 7, 45 minute follow up sessions.
  4. Follow-up sessions ~$110.00 per session
    Follow up sessions can be purchased after the initial consultation. Each follow up is a full 45 minutes either in person or via Skype.
  5. Follow-up packages
    3 sessions - $315.00; 5 sessions - $525.00 (savings of 5%); 7 sessions - $700.00 (savings of 10%)
  6. Lunch with a dietitian $125.00 per hour
    This will give you the opportunity to eat out with a registered dietitian. We can help guide you on food selection and provide hands on learning and menu analysis. This can be an individual session or a group session.
  7. Grocery store tours - Prices vary based on group size
    Wandering around your local grocery store confused on what to buy? Have a dietitian go shopping with you and ease the confusion! Shopping experience can also be in groups!
  8. Family Sessions ~ Prices start at $130.00
    We understand that good nutrition starts in the home. We want to meet with you and your family and get everyone involved towards making positive changes.
  9. Healthy Cooking Classes ~Prices vary based on recipes
    Have a private cooking class with one of our dietitians. Gain new information to ensure you are preparing the healthiest food and delicious new recipes while we are at it!
  10. Corporate wellness
    Please contact us regarding working with your company. We understand that companies and their employees are not one size fits all and we would love to cater a program to meet your corporate needs!